Nicki Minaj – 22 Eye-Popping Photos

Love her or loathe her, you can’t ignore Nicki Minaj. As her second album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ blows up around the world – it’s the first album by a female rap artist to chart at number one in the UK – we thought we’d take a look at some of the most striking photos of the world’s most colourful pop star.

Nicki goes for a Madonna/’conical bra’ tribute on Good Morning America. PA

Her Dot Cotton impression, was less successful however. At LA’s Staples Center. Getty

“Barbs, I AM a Barbie!”, at the 2011 MTV VMA’s. PA

The Roman-Cam is on. Nicki Minaj shows off her video camera at Times Square in New York City. Getty

No-one had the heart to tell Nicki that her burps were setting off the LED detector on stage. Getty

During this moment of performance elation, Nicki couldn’t help but think about tomorrow when getting this outfit through the metal detector would be a real shitter. At the MTV VMA’s in 2010. PA

Nicki’s ‘experimental’ diet regime involved only macro biotic food stuffs and ridiculously massive lollipops. In Las Vegas. PA

Previous credits for the guy on the left: two episodes of Blossom and a minor role in the made for TV adaptation of Jackie Collins’ Poor Little Bitch Girl as a randy staircase. Getty

“I told you not to ask me about Lil Kim…” Nicki gets angry, in Las Vegas. PA

Luckily for her stylist, Nicki Minaj never noticed her necklace was made of a crocodile heart covered in Strawberry flavour Angel Delight. PA

When in doubt, dancer on the right, always go for the classic ‘I’m trapped in a box’ move. Performing at the Versace Party in New York. PA

Arriving at the MTV VMA’s with her conceptual ‘blankie’. Sales of conceptual ‘blankies’ went through the roof the following day. Getty

Because, even though she might be a millionaire, there’s nothing quite like a KFC bargain bucket. PA

For paparazzi avoidance purposes, Nicki decided to go to IHeartRadio Music festival, dressed as a really, really fancy tree. PA

Nicki reacts to that perennial Lil Kim question. Getty

“I thought I’d diffuse all those ‘who am I dating rumours’ by bringing my local vicar to the Grammys.” Getty

Why the pained expression? Well, under her pink beret a giant crab is clawing at her skull. PA

The truth is, the leopard spots hide a terrible outbreak of acne Nicki acquired a day earlier. Getty

Nicki’s appearance on Childline to get people to phone in and make a donation only ended up scaring viewers. Getty

“And this is me doing ‘I’m A Little Teapot’.” Tom Oxley/NME

In a bid to show her support for Christie’s Green Auction Nicki dyed her hair green (and used about 25 can of ozone depleting hairspray to keep her hair up). PA