The VO5 NME Awards 2017 – The Acceptance Speeches

Featuring Skepta, Louis Theorux, Wiley, MIA, Biffy Clyro, Bastille, The 1975 and more

22 middle finger-shaped awards were handed out at the VO5 NME Awards 2017 – and that meant there was no shortage of acceptance speeches.

Nigel Farage wasn’t able to make it to accept his Villain of the Year award – and Matty Healy accepted his with just a glass of wine for company – but otherwise it was a full turnout.

Here are the speeches from the night.

Best International Female Artist supported by VO5 – Christine and the Queens


“Thank you very much – it’s really humbling for me as a French, weird kid to be awarded that. All the females that are nominated with me are amazing and present a really strong way to exist as a woman in today’s world and my way is a bit twisted and a bit awkward – so thank you very much for bearing with me and see you very soon.”

Best Festival supported by ID&C – Glastonbury

Emily Eavis: “Thanks to everyone who comes and makes it so brilliant, it’s all the people that come that make it special, so thank you.”
Michael Eavis: “We’re coming up to 50 years and still going strong, thank you very much.”

Best New Artist supported by Topman – Dua Lipa

“Oh man thank you so much. Thank you to everyone that voted for me, my fans. I want to thank my management, my label and all of you for your hard work, my agent and my family and friends and thanks NME so much for this. It means the world to me.”

Best Live Band supported by Nikon – The 1975


“Thank you. Stop talking. Listen. This our second NME Award. The first time we were the shittest band. Now it’s for being good, so I don’t know what that proves. I don’t think it proves anything, I think it proves that…hey listen Mike (Williams) came out this evening and he said if you’re an artist, we have a duty to make pop music didactic. I know this is unfashionable and boring and no-one really gives a fuck but everything is fucked. And if your music isn’t purposefully informative, then there’s no point to it. So let’s make sure that we do that. Thank you.”

Best International Band supported by Austin, Texas – Metallica

“Hello there, all our furry feathered friends,” said drummer Lars Ulrich, stood beside bandmates Robert Trujillo and James Hetfield. “It’s three quarters of Metallica hitting you from Copenhagen.
“We’re bummed we couldn’t be there tonight to join you in all the middle fingering going around the joint, but we’re very appreciative of this. We hope you guys are having a crazy and fun night. Kirk [Hammett], who is also an international kind of guy, sends his love.”
The loving speech was then followed by the threesome throwing their middle fingers up to the audience.

Best British Female Artist – M.I.A

“This should have been mine a long fucking time ago. I just wanna shout out to all the poor people, because I feel like the music industry has changed. I wanna symbolise the fact that needs to happen again. Music needs to represent and give chances to people that are actually from the hood, immigrants and migrants. That’s what it needs to be about again and that’s what you’re gonna get. This is for all of them.”

Best British Male Artist Sponsored by Pilot Pens – Skepta

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is the one I wanted as well. I love this trophy. This is my mood right now. Thank you to my family, too many names to mention. Thank you very much. Big up.”

Outstanding Contribution to Music – Wiley

“First of all, big up Skepta in the building – thank you for giving me this award. I want to big up my team, the label, my people on that table. Hold tight my scene, hold tight all the element of my scene because I wouldn’t be here without them. All the people who showed support – big up NME and everyone who showed support from the beginning. I appreciate you and I appreciate this award.”

Best International Male – Frank Ocean

Unfortunately Frank Ocean couldn’t attend, so the presenter of the award did it for him.
Matt Berry: “Sorry to piss on your chips, but Frank Ocean couldn’t make it. So it’s mine.”

Best TV Series supported by Domino’s Pizza – Fleabag

“Wow – fucking hell. This is literally the closest a sit-com writer could be to being a rockstar. My sister wrote all the music for the show so big up to her. Thank you so much to all of the musicians I listen to for inspiration. I couldn’t write without music so this is actually a really heartfelt thank you for doing everything you do to help what we do.”

Best Track supported by Red Stripe – Christine and The Queens – ‘Tilted’

“’I’m still doing my face with magic marker, in my right place, don’t be a downer’… But you’re not, you’re being very nice to me. Stay Freaky!”

Best Music Video – Slaves – ‘Consume or Be Consumed’

“I’d like to say commiserations to Beyonce and Kanye – it can’t be easy losing to us. I’d like to thank my family, my baby, management, Isaac, Mike D of the Beastie Boys for being in the video. We’ve won this for a second year in a row – someone beat us.”

Best Album supported by HMV – Bastille – ‘Wide World’

“Thank you very much – I think we’re probably about as surprised as you are,” said Bastille frontman Dan Smith. “I think Adele put it better about winning over Beyonce, but thank you so much. We tried to make an album about how fucked the world seems and trying to get your head around it. I think everybody before us tonight has said much more articulate things than us four idiots could say.Thank you very much – have a fucking awesome night.”

Best Film – My Scientology Movie

Louis Theroux: “Thank you, simmer down. A big, big thank to NME, to everyone who voted, a big thank you to my wife, who’s had a baby while I was making this film. He’s now two and a half years old. But there’s one person out there that made this film possible and that is Tom Cruise. He wouldn’t be in the film but Tom if you’re out there please call my agent, let’s do an expose, I’ve already got already got a title – My Scientology Sequel.”

Best British Band supported by Zig-Zag – Biffy Clyro

“Thanks NME, thanks fans, thanks Ben and James Johnston for making this group. We’ve been a band for a long time, it means a lot, the support from everyone,” before he joked: “Go and fuck yourselves.”

Godlike Genius – Pet Shop Boys

“Our career has been such a huge collaboration with producers, programmers, remixers and I would just like to thank every one of them – and accept this on behalf on electronic music, dance music and shiny pop music. Thank you very much.”