Orange Is The New Black Season 5: Our Predictions For The Next Stretch At Litchfield

***Warning: There are major, major Season 4 spoilers ahead***

Boshed the new series of Orange Is The New Black already? Us too. It’s going to be a bit of a wait for season five – the release date is yet to be revealed – so in the meantime, here are our predictions for what will go down during the next stretch at Litchfield (after that massive cliffhanger finalé.)


Daya will shoot Judy King by accident

As the rest of the guards rush to the scene, Humphrey’s gun, now in Daya’s possession, will be knocked out of her hand, sending a bullet through one of the inmates. Our bets are on Judy King. As the prison told the press that Judy King had left the day before, her subsequent accidental death in prison the would reveal the lies at Litchfield and bring penalties on the MCC.

The prison may then be shut down, and the prisoners sent somewhere new. (However, given the added cost in a new location for the production team, this is probably a little unlikely.


C.O John Bennett will return to Litchfield and work in Max, where he’ll find Daya

The world is still reeling from Bennett’s inexplicable ghosting on Daya, one of the nicest characters in the series. After abandoning Daya and her baby after witnessing Cesar’s home life, Bennett has never returned to Litchfield. His mysterious (and douchey) disappearance made even PORNSTACHE look good, which is really hard to do. When he was asked if his character would return to the series, actor Matt McGorry didn’t rule it out.

When Daya inevitably accidentally fires the gun (or even if she doesn’t, she’s still broken the rules by picking it up), she’ll be sent to the Max (or even the SHU) with immediate effect. If Bennett were to return to Litchfield thinking he wouldn’t bump into Daya in Max, their reunion would result in a revival of their problematic relationship. The secure setting would make it harder than ever to keep a secret, and the problems this raises would be ideal fodder for the season five plotline.

Sister Ingalls will pray and decay in the SHU, but grab the attention of other protest nuns along the way

It was a long time ago that we saw Sister Ingalls participating in the prison hunger strike with Soso, but it did happen. They were the last prisoners standing in the protest, and her self-control in denying food sent her to the medical ward. So we know that Ingalls has discipline, self-assurance, and the ability to transport herself through moments of hardship. She’s also spoken in the past about how God has never spoken to her. Maybe this will happen in the SHU.

During her hunger strike, Ingalls (a celebrity nun with a ghost-written memoir) attracted the attention of other protest nuns, who appeared at Litchfield in support. If Litchfield ends up in the media after the killing of Judy King (still all conjecture here), those same nuns might start asking the same questions about Ingalls’ health and wellbeing.

The ‘His name was Aydin Bayat’ notes will be found and Kubra will be out for blood

At the end of Season 4, we see Piper and Alex trying to burn Alex’s messages left around the prison revealing the identity of the murdered corpse in the vegetable garden. But they’re interrupted as the riot begins and the other inmates charge straight through their burning barrel, spilling the pieces of paper over the floor, and as experience tells us, you can’t leave anything lying around Litchfield without it coming back to bite you later. When Kubra finds out what happened to his employee, Alex will once again be in the firing line of his wrath, unsafe on the inside and outside.

Part of the prison building will burn down, and the SHU inmates will get out, at least for a while

You don’t think those flames would just die of their own accord do you? If there was ever going to be an opportunity for Sister Ingalls to escape the mental torment of the SHU, even temporarily, it would be the sprinklers going off in the basement. That said, with all the mayhem going on elsewhere in the prison, will these inmates even be remembered?

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