Paramore – Where Are The Former Members Now?

At one point a tight knit five-piece, Paramore have been stripped back to a duo after parting ways with original bassist Jeremy Davis. The “really painful” split isn’t the Tennessee rockers’ first though, with some pretty messy exits littering the band’s history. In fact, Hayley Williams has lost a grand total of six band-mates during the group’s 11 year existence. So where have they all ended up? Is there life post-Paramore?

Josh Farro (2004-10):

Founder member Josh Farro kicked up quite the fuss when he quit the band back in 2010 after six years as lead guitarist. Alongside his brother, he posted a highly critical exit blog accusing lead singer Hayley Williams of making the band “all about her”. The long-time axeman even went to the trouble of confirming the letter’s authenticity via YouTube when fans claimed it was fake.

Where are they now: Josh now fronts his own eponymous band called Farro (debut album ‘Walkways’ out February 5) as well as tweeting numerous pictures of his cat.

Former drummer Zac Farro claims his brother has since tried to reconcile with Williams, but unsurprisingly she is “still not fond of him”.

Jason Bynum (2004-05):

The rhythm guitarist left Paramore in 2005, a year after they formed, citing ‘personal reasons’ as the cause. What those reasons are remains unclear, but Bynum’s still on good terms with the band and has since said he’d be up for collaborating again.

Where are they now: The one record wonder isn’t sat by the phone waiting for a call though, he’s currently pursuing an acting career in both film and TV, and even made a short appearance in country music drama ‘Nashville’. We’re starting to notice a geographical theme here…

Hunter Lamb (2005-07):

Joining as Bynum’s replacement in 2005, Hunter Lamb barely lasted any longer than his predecessor before abandoning ship to get married in 2007. Still, leaving the band definitely isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to him. When Bynum was younger he required extensive plastic surgery after his brother shot him in the face with a BB gun. Charming.

Where are they now: Although he now plays lead rhythm guitar as a touring member for a number of bands, Bynum isn’t officially on the books of any of them, meaning he’s technically still a free agent. Anyone in need of a guitarist?

John Hembree (2005):

Ex-bassist John Hembree served as a stop gap touring solution for longtime member Jeremy Davis’ temporary exit in 2005. His residency only lasted five months though as the group managed to convince Davis to rejoin, giving Hembree a swift boot onto the sidelines.

Where are they now: Not much is known about the self-styled ‘Captain Hembree’ and his subsequent career (musical or not), but we do know he’s now married with a little nipper in tow. No band on the horizon though.

Zac Farro (2004-10):

Co-conspirator in the difficult Farro-Paramore break-up of 2010, Zac spent six years as the band’s original drummer before bailing.

He later joined his brother’s first post-Paramore outfit Novel American, but didn’t fill the percussion slot in Josh’s second band Farro after they disbanded in 2014.

Where are they now: Farro’s only known current project is HalfNoise, an American indie-rock musical outfit which, as of 2012, consists solely of himself as a ‘multi-instrumentalist’.