Spot The Difference – The New Bits In The Japanese Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

The third and final trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was released a couple of weeks ago, somehow managing to both show us a fair bit more from the year’s most eagerly awaited film yet still tell us nothing.

The film opens in the UK on December 18, an event which already drove most cinema-chain’s website to shutdown like the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive, and the aforementioned third trailer has been watched in excess of 56 million times on YouTube. While that could mean every person in Britain has watched it once, it’s more likely a far smaller number of people have had it on a loop since it was first posted on October 19.

Now, if those three trailers weren’t enough, an Asian trailer appeared on Disney Japan’s website on Friday, ready for us to devour like the Pit Of Sarlacc chewing on a Gamorrean. There’s still no Luke Skywalker, nor a reveal of who or what Andy Serkis is playing – but it still tells us plenty about the film. What are the differences between this and the previous trailers?


Finn and Rey introduce themselves

Everything we know about ‘TFA’ so far suggests Finn and Rey are going to be carrying the story, and we’ve already seen them both on the Millennium Falcon, being told by Han Solo that all the stories they’ve heard about the Force, Darth Vader and blowing up Death Stars are true. This new moment might not be the exact moment they meet – it’s likely that comes during a frantic chase – but it’s definitely when they exchange names.

Kylo Ren holds a light sabre to Rey’s neck

The story of the seventh Star Wars film is so closely guarded that we’re not even entirely sure which characters interact. Hell, Max Von Sydow is in the film and we don’t even know who he’s playing yet, but seeing bad guy Kylo Ren hold his odd-looking light sabre to Rey’s neck means those two definitely have some sort of dust up at some point.

More TIE fighters


There were a few TIE fighters, complete with their unmistakable sound – a blend of an elephant’s roar and a car revving on a wet road – in the other trailers, but here we have a few more. And that shot of a load more flying against the backdrop of a giant sun, a nod to ‘Apocalypse Now’, is stunning.

More BB8

Rey’s spherical mate BB8 stole the show when it appeared in the first trailer, while the Star Wars fan convention earlier this year was set alight when director JJ Abrams revealed it was a real, animatronic creation, not the dastardly CGI that – in some fans’ minds – blighted the prequels. This trailer features a lot more of the little tyke. That could be down to an existing fondness for BB8 in the region, or a call to get Japan’s thriving otaku population on board.

It’s more upbeat

The third Force Awakens trailer had a downbeat tone, with a very real sense of tragedy running throughout. Among other things, we saw Leia clinging to Han’s chest, on the verge of tears, and Rey screaming, as if witnessing something terrible. The new Asian trailer is more on the light side, even finishing with the words, “Hope is not lost today, it is found,” uttered off-screen, by Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata.

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