St. Vincent Has Designed A Guitar With ‘Room For A Breast Or Two’

Annie Clark, aka left-field pop purveyor St. Vincent, has designed a guitar specifically for women. The St. Vincent Signature Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar weighs just seven pounds and is “ergonomic, lightweight and sleek”.

Speaking to Guitar World magazine, she explained: “For me a guitar that is not too heavy is really important because I’m not a very big person… I can’t even play a ’60s Strat or ’70s Les Paul. I would need to travel with a chiropractor on tour in order to play those guitars.”

The guitar, which you can buy in black or blue, has “room for a breast – or two”, as Clark explained on Instagram.

In that Guitar World interview, Clark said: “This is a very light guitar and the weight is redistributed so that it has a thin waist… I was always finding when I was playing onstage and wearing various stage outfits the guitar would cut across one of the best features of the female body, which is your waist. I carry my guitar pretty high so I had to make all of these costumes based on the fact that you wouldn’t be able to see if I had a waist or not.”

Check out the badass promotional video the guitar (available to buy next March), in which Clark visits the Ernie Ball factory where they’re made.