Stone Roses – Do The Mysterious Lemons Suggest A New Album Or Tour Is Being Announced?

Are The Stone Roses about to announce a new album or live shows?

Evidence was mounting last week and now the social networks are full of mysterious images that, some say, suggests news is imminent.

The snaps depict posters of lemons – the exact same kind that graced the cover of their self-titled debut album – which have appeared in select locations across the band’s hometown of Manchester.


Some have noted that each set of images contains 16 lemons, which could refer to the year 2016.


This follows Noel’s Gallagher’s appearance on Soccer Am on October 24, when he was asked if he “any idea what’s going on with the Roses”. His reply: “Yes, I know exactly what’s going on… They’re blooming.”

But what does it mean? Gordon Smart, editor of the Scottish edition of The Sun, hinted that his intel suggests The Stone Roses will play two nights at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City. “I’ve felt a disturbance in the force… blue seats, two nights, baggy jeans and a beanie hat,” he wrote. But with bassist Mani being a very vocal Manchester United fan, is that really likely?

The Bristol Post tips them as headliners of next year’s Glastonbury, which would certainly tie into Roses mythology. The band were forced to pull out of their 1995 headline slot leaving Pulp to take up the mantle.

Others seem to think it’s going to be the long-awaited new album first mooted when the band reunited in 2012.

It would be the band’s first record since their troubled second LP, 1994’s ‘Second Coming’. The group split two years after that release but reformed for a series of high-profile shows in 2012. They’ve been quiet since the conclusion of their global touring commitments.

The Stone Roses claimed at their reunion press conference in October 2011 that there were plans to record new music, and in December 2011 it was reported that the band had signed two new record deals, with Universal Records in the UK and worldwide and Columbia, owned by Sony, in the US. Brown brushed off NME’s questions about the potential album at a charity event in 2014 but replied: “Is something happening? You never know, but I’m not here to talk about that.”

Mani was more forthcoming when asked about the record in September 2013. Speaking to Gigslutz, he revealed that the band were “working on a few bits” and, when pressed on a release date, replied, “2015 man, 2015!”.

So: new album? New tour? Festival sets? Reissue? Prank? Those lemons may hold the answer…