T In The Park, We Love You, But You’re Bringing Us Down: No One Watched LCD Soundsystem At The Scottish Festival

LCD Soundsystem slayed the Other Stage at Glastonbury this year, but the crowd at Scotland’s recent T In The Park was rather less enthusiastic for James Murphy and his cowbell.

Fans at the festival – which has been the subject of a Twitter account cataloguing its general debauchery – seem instead to have opted for Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose main stage set clashed with that of the New York electro punks. Given that Murphy’s band’s return has been hailed as something of a second coming from music fans across the board, that’s perhaps a little surprising. Well, perhaps Flea did one of his thrilling bass solos.

Anyway, LCD Soundsytem fans at the festival conveyed their dismay via social media and, dear oh dear, it’s a sorry sight indeed. James Murphy, where are your friends tonight?


Fabri lolled because it was better than crying

Joel was gutted

While Steven lashed out


As did Kai


@ownthedancefloor captured this pic of LCD Soundsytem doing literally not that

And Joe was sad, just sad

Joshua put it all into perspective

And David sassed the festival quite beautifully

T In The Park, we love you, but you’re bringing us down.