The 1975 Frontman Matt Healy’s Best Ever Quotes

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If there’s one thing you can rely on The 1975‘s Matt Healy for (and there are quite a few), it’s coming up with the best quotes. From the sidesplittingly hilarious, to the inspirational or just plain accurate, his interviews and Twitter account are goldmines of advice, laughs and motivation. Here’s some of his best quotes so far.

On music


“Music is for people who can’t handle their own thoughts.”

“Radiohead didn’t copy The 1975, they’re fucking Radiohead. They could steal my actual legs and and I’d not be bothered anyways.”

On death:

“My biggest fear is death. The end of the Matty show.”

“Rumours about me being dead are not true. Rumours about me being a massive legend, all totally true.”

On fashion:


“My style – it’s black and it’s expensive.”

Q: Describe your current style vibe?

Matty: “Sexually confused Edward Scissorhands.”

On festivals :

“You can judge a festival on the amount of selfies taken.”

On education

“If you don’t have any [A-levels] and only got two GCSE’s like me just be #emo and call yourself an ‘artist’.”

On ghosts:

“If we know that there are types of micro bacteria under one type of rock in one part of fucking Madagascar, I think we’d have at least a tiny bit of evidence that ghosts exist. It’s like that fucking show ‘Ghost Hunters’ – they’re on like series nine, and there’s never been one ghost. Imagine a food program that’s in series nine but there’s never been any food on it. It’s fucking mental.”

On being a bit divisive:

“I’m surprised no one has ever punched me in the face.”

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