The Go! Team (Chad Valley Remix) & David’s Lyre (Bombay Bicycle Club mix) – Free MP3 Downloads

The Go! Team return this month (Jan 24) with another typically joyful dispatch. ‘Buy Nothing Day’ features Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino (I’m not sure why they needed her, but it works) and, joy of joy, a theremin solo. It heralds the release of the album ‘Rolling Blackouts’ which hits your neighbourhood download store the following week. Here Oxford’s Chad Valley delays finding a decent name even longer by giving it a laid-back spin.

The Go Team

Download ‘Buy Nothing Day (Chad Valley remix)’

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack, meanwhile, takes on David’s Lyre’s debut release ‘In Arms’, adding a dubby breakbeat feel to the track, which gets released by Hideout Recordings on Feb 21.

Davids Lyre

Download ‘In Arms (Bombay Bicycle Club remix)’

More tunes and gig dates (including a Chapel Club support tour) on David’s Lyre’s MySpace.