The Most Mistake-Filled Movies Of 2015 Have Been Named – Check Out The Errors In Spectre, Jurassic World And More Here

If you’re anything like me, you’ll often find yourself standing up in cinemas screaming “but in the last shot the cigar was in his right hand. And how can he be an 18th Century redcoat when he’s wearing medals clearly stamped with insignias that weren’t in use by the British Army until 1927?! This film is a farce!”

So it’s with vitriolic relish that I look forward each year to the naming and shaming of the biggest movie blunders of the year by, noble upholders of cinematic truth and reason, and in no way geeky scoffers at unavoidable continuity errors with little to no knowledge of the difficulties of on-set production values and processes. While no film ranked up as many on-screen errors as the most mistake-riddled movie of all time, Apocalypse Now (500+ mistakes spotted, and counting), it was still a bumper year for bloopers. Check out the Top Five…

1. Fast And Furious 7
Mistake count: 41
Most glaring error: Now we don’t expect factual perfection from any Vin Diesel rubber-burning caper, but it’s pretty galling when their goofball geography is so close to home. At the start of the film a screen caption announces that a hospital scene is taking place in London, but the sign outside the hospital says ‘Birmingham’. And how come all the plug sockets in said hospital are of the two-pronged American variety?

2. Jurassic World
Mistake Count: 33
Most glaring error: One of the pre-requisites for landing a role in Jurassic World, it seems, is the ability to match your heart-rate precisely with your fellow actors. Or that’s what we’re led to believe in a scene from the park’s control room, where a paramilitary team being tracked on screen all have identical pulses. It’s a mistake that Ridley Scott also made in Prometheus.

Here’s plenty more Jurassic balls-ups:

3. The Martian
Mistake count: 21
Most glaring error: The Martian played merry havok with science to patch over its plot holes, the most spotlit of all being the liberties the film-makers took with Mars’ atmosphere. At the start of the film a 300kmh storm strands Matt Damon on the red planet by blowing him and tons of heavy equipment across the face of the planet. In reality the Martian atmosphere is so thin that a sturdy vole could withstand those sort of winds.

4. Spectre
Mistake count:
Most glaring error: A panoply of factual inaccuracies marred Bond’s biggest outing yet. Everyone with an Oyster card surely knows that – duh! – the Number 15 bus doesn’t go over Westminster Bridge and if Mr so-called-brilliant-pilot James Bond were to actually use the mixture control levers he apparently flew a BN Islander aircraft with, he’d have stalled both engines. But most outrageous is the idea that we’re meant to believe that Mr White had a secret room hidden away in the L’American hotel to use on his regular stays. Right, so he replastered and painted the wall to hide it on every visit, did he?

Other eagle-eyed viewers even spotted a mistake in the trailer.

5. Mad Max: Fury Road
Mistake count:
Most glaring error: One long, violent car chase, there are more crashes in Mad Max: Fury Road than a night out with George Michael. But during one vehicular mash-up between the War Rig and a Volkswagen, a piece of shrapnel flying off the Volkswagen is quite clearly a film camera. And that’s not to mention Furiosa teleporting between sides of a truck she’s about to leap underneath…