The Top 10 Metal Albums Of All Time

Metal rules!

Now that definitive statement is out the way, it’s time to get your thinking caps on and get your votes in on our Best Metal Album Ever poll.

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I’ll be straight with you- it’s not going to be easy. Metal’s been shredding your stereo since the day you were born and rocking the world’s festivals and venues for over 40 years. How can you possibly pick the best? With a little concentration and some brutal honesty, that’s how.

So here are my votes for my top 10 metal albums. These are my 10 favourite. The 10 I most enjoy and rate the highest. They are definitely not your favourite, and on any other hour, day or year, my list would be different. But it’s about committing and giving a push to your most beloved LPs. Here we go:


Pantera ‘Far Beyond Driven’
My number one favourite metal album of all time features the classics ‘Becoming’, ‘5 Minutes Alone’, ‘I’m Broken’ and ‘Strength Beyond Strength’. Solid, pummelling and downright rowdy. Perfect.

Life Of Agony ‘River Runs Red’
The 1993 beast that broke these New York crooners and threw their distinctive warbling and chunky breakdowns onto dance floors around the globe.



Metallica ‘Master Of Puppets’
The 1986 monster and the final album to be recorded with bassist Cliff Burton. Includes ‘Battery’ and ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ as well as the high-speed thrashing title tune. Rarr!

Lamb of god

Lamb Of God ‘Ashes Of The Wake’
One of the most under-appreciated metal bands ever. They’re amazing, intelligent, heavy, complex and downright brutal.


Mastodon ‘Leviathan’
One of the only ‘newer’ metal bands to do something truly distinctive, brainy and addictive uniting bearded rockers (and short girls) across the planet.

Machine Head

Machine Head ‘Burn My Eyes’
The band’s 1994 debut and the arrival of Robb Flynn and co’s thrash metal extravaganza, combining chaotic intense riffery with solid groove and angry narration.


Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction’
Every single track on this filthy, wonderful mess is a classic and will have men and women across the planet wriggling and squealing in embarrassing homage.


Korn ‘Korn’
A controversial inclusion, but this was the first heavy album I really adored, and it is thanks to their nu-metal stompings that I decided to work back – and then forward – to make this genre my life.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden ‘Number Of The Beast’
Every Maiden album is a whirling (and sometimes happily exhausting) composition, but this masterful collection from 1982 triumphantly waves the flag for British metal.

System Of A Down

System Of A Down ‘Toxicity’
Are they metal? Or are they just mental? It’s heavy, creative, unique Armenian-American political riffing with every track now an unforgettable and enjoyable classic.

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