The Vines, ‘Wicked Nature’ – Exclusive Album Stream

In what is one of the unlikeliest comebacks of the year, mid-noughties indie darlings The Vines burst back into life earlier this summer with ‘Out The Loop’. It marked the band rediscovering the same form of their peak days, a short, sharp reintroduction that blasts away the notion that the Australian band’s heyday is long gone.

‘Wicked Nature’, the stonking 22-track double album it’s taken from, reinforces that feeling. Split into two halves, it first shakes you by the shoulders with an onslaught of rock’n’roll before, in typical Vines style, journeying through a host of sounds. You might not have bet on The Vines returning with something that sounds so fresh and vital in 2014 but that’s exactly what they’ve done.