The WWE Tag Team Champions Paid Tribute To The Late Phife Dawg Last Night

The celebration of the life of A Tribe Called Quest MC Phife Dawg, who passed away last week, is continuing into a second week: as well as leading musicians, DJs and unexpectedly hip-hop-headed traffic reporters, memories of Phife’s genius keep surfacing, as they rightly should. Over the weekend, Tim Westwood made this unreleased 1999 freestyle available for download, showcasing Phife’s adept freestyling skills.

Last night saw another tribute to the late rapper during the transmission of, of all places, WWE’s Monday Night Raw. The weekly wrestling extravaganza, which airs live, took a break from the DDTing, name-calling and muscle-centric action for a brief moment last night as tag team trio The New Day took to the ring to address their rather adoring crowd.

During their address – which, for some reason known only to current wrestling fans, saw them unveil ‘Booty-O’s’, the official cereal of the upcoming Wrestlemania event (essentially wrestling’s Glastonbury) – Big E took the time to pay tribute to “the late great Phife Dawg” by reciting the eponymous line from the classic Tribe Song ‘Can I Kick It?’. The tribute begins, after the posturing, at 1:45 in the video below:


While Phife was a huge fan of sports – he constantly referenced the NBA and American football in his lyrics – he never name-checked WWE (or WWF, as it was known in Tribe’s heyday), but this tribute is a welcome one nonetheless.


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