Is This The Most Unsettling Music Video Of All Time? Yes. Yes It Is

Sometimes you see something that you know will stay with you for the rest of you life. You’ll be 87 and rocking back and forth on a cosy chair, hanging out with Agnes and Irene and all the other gals down at Wistful Oaks retirement home and then, suddenly, everything comes flooding back.

It’s 60 years earlier, the summer of 2016 if you recall correctly, and you were casually surfing the interwebs when you should have been helping Rob in accounts with his financial forecast. But then you stumbled across something that took your breath away. It was the video for Estonian rapper Tommy Cash’s trap-pop single ‘Winaloto’ and things were never the same again. Click below. If you dare.

There’s bum-drums, big-belly whacking, Cirque Du Soleil level body contortion, undulating waves of flesh upon flesh and headphones made out of yet more bottoms, but most memorably – and this is image that will be seared upon your brain for many, many years to come – is the sight of Tommy’s own face superimposed into the middle of a lady’s legs, his hair standing in for a neat pubic quiff and his mouth… well. You can sort of guess that bit for youself. Harrowing isn’t the word. Scroll to 2:09 if you want to get the worst bit out of the way first. Our thoughts are with you.