Tyler, the Creator just reminded us of his dark genius with ‘Who Dat Boy’ and its gory video

The rapper and director has returned with his first new solo material since 2015's 'Cherry Bomb'

It all started with the honey bees. Last week, Tyler, the Creator kick-started the excitement for his latest project by tweeting a picture of a honey bee who had some very important news to share with the world.

The Odd Future founder presides over a vast cultural empire these days, staging his own brilliant music festivals, running his own fashion house and even taking on hosting duties for an upcoming new show on Viceland. But, thankfully, he’s also found time amid his extracurriculars to return to his one true love – music. And, damn, what a way a return.


As the honey bees finished their tantalising countdown at midnight UK time last night, Tyler unleashed the hugely-anticipated visuals for his brand new track ‘Who Dat Boy’. Anyone familiar with Tyler’s filmic oeuvre will know that any release of one of his self-directed music videos is an event in itself, with his previous arresting efforts including the infamous time he ate a cockroach and mock-hung himself to yet another infamous time where he donned a wig and became a coke-sniffing centaur.

It’s a weird, provocative and ultimately wonderful treat every time Tyler releases a video, and new single ‘Who Dat Boy’ is no different. The clip opens as the camera pans in on Tyler frantically working with some electrics at his desk (which sits below a poster of Leonardo di Caprio in Romeo + Juliet) as eerie synths and shrieking strings rebound around.

Obviously, his experiments go terribly wrong and leave him with half a face, leaving Tyler – in full Hydian mode – staggering across a flower-strewn suburban street until he arrives at the house of Dr. A$AP Rocky. Yup, you read that correctly.

The ‘Who Dat Boy’ track itself sees Tyler and Rocky exhibiting their new-found creative chemistry as they trade frightening bars with one another, with Tyler at one point declaring: “Fuck the rap, I’m tryna own a planet.”

But enough talk – take a deep dive into Tyler’s latest dark and twisted fantasy with the gory and mad video for ‘Who Dat Boy’ below.


Along with ‘Who Dat Boy’, Tyler also dropped the far calmer double-header ‘911 / Mr. Lonely’, which sees the 26-year-old lament over lost loves, insecurity and loneliness over a pair of smooth backdrops that feature fine contributions from Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy and Anna Of The North.

Welcome back, T.