Jarvis Cocker and Peep Show’s Super Hans Are Glastonbury’s Best Oddball DJs – Watch

Celeb DJ sets are all the rage at Glasto 2016. Dermot O’Leary did one, snooker player Steve Davis did one, even Lily Allen was supposed to do one, but had to pull out due to a dodgy knee. The weekend’s best, however, came on Saturday evening up at the Stonebridge Bar near The Park stage.

First up was Jarvis Cocker’s Desperate Sound System, his and Pulp bandmate Steve Mackey’s interactive hour and a half of hula girls, big tunes – ‘House of Jealous Lovers’, ‘Lust For Life’, ‘Killing In The Name’ – and top vibes. As Steve DJs, Jarvis Jarvises, stalking up and down on the stage, singing along into a mic and generally doing a lowkey Pulp show to a crowd of a couple of 100, and with no Pulp songs. We approve.

Jarvis Cocker’s Desperate Soundsystem bring some Rage Against The Machine to the Stonebridge Bar.

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It’s followed by Super Hans’ festival DJ debut. Earlier this year the actor Matt King announced that he would be taking his Peep Show character on the road, to the delight of followers of his and Jeremy Usbourne’s Big Beat Manifesto (the two rules being ‘Big beats are the best’ and ‘Get high all the time’).

The hour long set is far better than an actual Super Hans DJ set would be. Instead of earbleeding techno and gabba, we get Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’, Blur’s ‘Girls and Boys’, Snap’s ‘I’ve Got The Power’ and a man on the side of the stage in a South American poncho and straw hat shaking a maraca and nodding his head. A man, we can only assume is the sunglasses-and-suit wearing Hans’ drug dealer. It’s neither big nor clever, but it is a whole lot of fun.

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