When rock stars fight – 11 times musicians scrapped with each other

Pea-brained behaviour between musicians is depressingly commonplace – here are 11 times music stars resorted to violence.

1. Charlie Watts V Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones were having a terrible time in Amsterdam in 1984. Everyone apparently referred to the frontman as ‘Brenda’ behind his back because relations between him and the band had grown so cold, but when Watts was referred to as “only my drummer” by Jagger, the damage was truly done. Bill German, a fan following the band around at the time wrote that at the hotel, Watts “clicked off his TV, put on his shoes, walked down the hall and knocked on Mick’s door. When the lead singer of the Rolling Stones opened it, his drummer clocked him on the jaw.” Apparently he just walked away afterwards.

2. Jack White V The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney

These two were feuding for a few years following claims by Jack White that the Keys had ripped off his sound. In 2014 White apologised via his website, saying “I wish the Black Keys all the success they can get”.


When drummer Carney ran into White at a bar in NYC this year, he regaled Twitter with tales of White as “40 year old bully [who] tried to fight the 35 year old nerd.” Or maybe he was “ basically billy corgan’s dumb ass zero t-shirt in human form.” The next day White responded saying “nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away.” The pair then chatted on the phone for an hour and apparently cleared things up.


3. Jack White V Von Bondies’ Jason Stollsteimer accuse each other of starting it

On December 13, 2003 inside Detroit bar The Magic Stick, Von Bondies frontman, Stollsteimer, got upset with Jack White on behalf of Jim Diamond. Diamond didn’t get a production credit on the 2001 Von Bondies album ‘Lack Of Communication’. White had listed himself as its sole producer.

In police statements they both named each other as the initiator of the brawl. Jack later pleaded guilty to assault and battery in 2004, had to pay a $500 fine and attend anger management classes.




4. Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale V Beatles cover band

Stockdale allegedly stole the mic from the Beatles cover band performing at a Brisbane bar, performed a screeching rendition of ‘Let It Be’ – which you can see below – and then refused to leave. Police were called after he apparently kicked up a drunken fuss, and as well as spending the night in jail he was fined $350.

5. Little Man Tate V The Troubadours

At Aston University in Birmingham, both indie bands had a fight over some alcohol – Little Man Tate claimed their Jack Daniels had been stolen, while The Troubadours said the promoter had provided it and it was meant for sharing. Venue staff and police had to separate the toddlers. Sorry – grown men.

6. Kid Rock V Tommy Lee

This was at the MTV VMAs in 2007. Pamela Anderson sat on ex-husband Tommy Lee’s lap in view of husband Kid Rock. Husband hit ex-husband.

7. Pete Doherty V Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell

2005’s Leeds Festival saw Pete Doherty headbutting Johnny Borrell. He later called his old friend a “fucking cunt” and a “poisonous snake” who “deserved headbutting”. Cool. Cool cool cool. Cooooool.

8. Alice Cooper’s bassist V Kasabian

“We were at a festival in Transylvania with Marilyn Manson and all these bands,” Cooper told NME. “We’re sitting in a bar and these guys [Kasabian] are drunk, they’re going ‘Americans, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be in this war’ and we were like ‘You’re right but we don’t want trouble.’ Pretty soon they pushed [Alice Cooper bassist] Chuck too far and we had to pull him off. We said ‘Don’t try to talk politics please, it’s just rock’n’roll’. I mean, I hate politics.”

There were no hard feelings, Cooper said. “It was just alcohol. I like that band [Kasabian], I think they’re great. Nobody held grudges about that. Nobody got knocked out, so it was okay.”

9. Razorlight V Razorlight

More specifically, drummer Andy Burrows and singer Johnny Borrell (yeah, him again). A drunken night out in 2007 is said to have ended in a bloody bust-up at North London pub The Hawley Arms. Burrows later revealed, “He never wanted people to know that we both wrote songs.” Yeah, they’re basically both rival champions of the Euterpean muse.

10. Axl Rose V Izzy Stradlin

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin was punched in the face at the 1989 MTV VMAs by Motley Crue’s Vince Neil after Stradlin allegedly upset Neil’s wife. Axl Rose took the opportunity to mock Neil’s “powder-puff” punch, and the pair spent the following weeks challenging each other to fight in the media, with Neil saying “We should do it like men should do it.” Presumably he meant a diplomatic and thorough co-examination of the bands’ beef, face-to-face – perhaps over a beer. Yeah.

11. Black Lips’ Jared Swilley V Wavves’ Nathan Williams

After the Black Lips’ Jared Swilley laid into Wavves’ performance at Primavera, Wavves’ Nathan Williams attacked Swilley at a NYC bar. Williamsburg bar Daddy’s was the setting for their drunken brawl. Swilley was supposedly the bloodier of the pair at the end.