You Know You’re A Tame Impala Fan When…

You might think you’re in the know when it comes to Perth psych lot Tame Impala, but do you know them better than anyone else? Here’s what it takes to become one of Kevin Parker’s true disciples.

1. You just really want to get away from people sometimes

2. Your approach to Kevin Parker and his lyrics is almost scientific



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3. You don’t think he’s Jesus exactly, but…


4. You know to call Kevin by his many nicknames



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5. You see opportunities to pay tribute to the band everywhere



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6. You’re also aware that you can go to the ‘Lonerism’ album art location IRL

It’s in Paris’ Luxembourg Gardens, and you’ve probably been there.

7. You consider this performance of ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’ one of their greatest ever

8. You viewed this cover as the brilliant homage it is

9. You may have welcomed them to your country in person

10. You’re sad that the cyber-playground bully, Siri, calls them names



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11. You’re of the correct opinion that everything Kevin Parker touches turns to musical gold

Whether he’s producing, playing or mixing

12. His bandmates, too

There are too many examples for just one list.

13. You’re holding out hope that the Kevin Spacey project gets a studio recording of its own

…even though it was just started as a fundraiser for their pregnant friend whose car was stolen.

14. You don’t really know Trevor very well, but you know you hate him

Screw that guy.

As promised…..

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15. Sometimes when you’re listening to them you… zone out


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16. You appreciate the evolution of a Tame Impala song like you would the development of a fine wine

17. You’re always slightly surprised to see Kevin enable selfie culture



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18. You’re less surprised to see him with Mac DeMarco



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19. You know their fans do great fan art



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New Person, Same Old Mistakes – Illustration

They’re also capable of slightly mad theories.

20. You’re fully aware of how privileged this tiny 2008 crowd was

21. You can’t choose your favourite Tame Impala song

It could be this one

It could be this one

It could be this one

Et cetera.

22. You also rate their covers highly

23. You couldn’t help laughing when this Chilean site got it very wrong…

…by alleging Tame Impala had got one of their melodies from child star Pablito Ruiz.

24. You think Kevin’s jokes are pretty good

25. And his French too… kinda

26. You wouldn’t pressure them for new music, because you know patience is the key