5 things you need to know about Anteros, the indie-pop heroes who pull from the past, present and future of pop

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They don’t make ‘em like Anteros anymore. Throughout their career, the gang have always felt like a band that exists outside of time and space. Hailing from across the globe, and pulling influence from ‘70s new wave, ‘80s pop sensibilities, all the way through to the ‘00s grit-n-grind indie scene, Anteros spin it in a new and thrilling direction.

It’s fitting then, that their upcoming debut album ‘Where We Land’ finds them plonking their feet on firm ground. The album is a riotous celebration of the relentless hard-work of the band over their career, which is made up of Laura Hayden (vocals), Josh Rumble (bass guitar), Jackson Couzens (guitar) and Harry Balazs (drums).

But before that, ahem, lands next year – here are some crucial pointers to get you up to speed on all things Anteros

They’ve all landed from different spots

“None of us are from the same place,” Laura boasts. “Harry is from London, Josh is from a town near Reading,” she says while Jackson hails from Stockport and Laura’s made her way over from Spain.

Company on tour is necessary

“We never tour alone. We always bring friends, pets, puppies and garden gnomes,” Laura says. “It’s bad when they’re not toilet trained – the puppies, not the friends.” Well, thank god for that.

There’s some questionable tats in the band

“Harry has a tramp stamp” reveals Jackson. “I can’t say what.” Oh, you teases.


They want to save the world

“We would like to invite you to join us in helping our planet by reducing single use plastic,” Laura asks. “We’re trying to look at ways in which we can reduce single use. We are asking venues to get rid of plastic straws if they’re not biodegradable. We want to make reusable cups that people can buy and take home with them. Cutting down on smaller water bottles and getting bigger ones. There’s loads of ways, like lighters. Seems silly but it gets stuck in fish.” Come on, time to do your bit.

They’ve got a whopping debut album coming out

“Our debut album Where We Land is out March 1,” Laura proudly says. “You can pre-order it somewhere down here.” In fact, you can do it right here!


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