Bad Nerves serve up vicious riffs on new anthem ‘Radio Punk’

At the end of 2016 we slotted London band Bad Nerves in The NME 100, calling them “short, punchy garage rock laced with energetic hooks”. Songs were scarce, but in every scrappy demo they’d uploaded there was an undeniable flicker of potential – one that we couldn’t wait to see more of.

Thus far, music has come steadily. A couple of songs in the shape of ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Bad Kid’ arrived earlier in the year, but their second single – the utterly furious ‘Radio Punk’ feels like their true arrival. As the name suggests, it touches on the genre’s storied history, from the urgency of The Ramones to the glamour of The New York Dolls, but given a thoroughly modern twist.

Judging by this outing, it looks like Bad Nerves’ flame will burn brightly for a long time to come.