Creeper: “We want to put that over-the-top flamboyance back into punk”

The UK’s most OTT and electrifying punk rockers

Since 2014, Creeper have been invigorating the rock scene with their carefully curated horror-punk, which evokes early AFI and My Chemical Romance. With debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ out later this month, frontman Will Gould gives usa glimpse into their world…

Ever since your debut EP, 2014’s ‘Creeper’, you’ve had a rabid fanbase. Do you feel pressure to please them every time you release something?

“We were very lucky. It happened really quickly for us. Every time we did an EP, we were like, ‘Oh my God, maybe we messed up this time, maybe this is the one they don’t like!’ But, luckily, each time they were received very nicely. We don’t really think about [the pressure] when we’re writing. Every EP was different, so it’s led us to the point where we can make an album.”


Why all the theatrics?

“We noticed UK punk-rock was becoming more straightforward, and people were dressing the same way. The spectacular, bombastic element was being stripped away. We wanted to re-attach that magic and look back to a time where things were more exciting. I was a massive David Bowie fan growing up, and the other songwriter Ian [Miles] was really into Metallica. We want to put that over-the-top flamboyance back into punk.”

Have you had any crazy ideas for your live production?

“We’ve always written songs with large choral arrangements, but we could never afford a choir. It would be amazing to do a show where those parts were actually sung by a choir! We’d also like to make the show like a play – a punk-rock play. I had this idea as a kid, because I was working on a little musical before I did this band, and I thought we could tour it around DIY spaces like working men’s clubs. Creeper is born from those ashes.”

From: Southampton


Social: @creepercultuk

Buy: ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is out March 24

Live: Newcastle University (March 27), London Electric Ballroom (March 30),Birmingham O2 Institute (April 1)

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