Giggs – Finally UK Rap Just Got Scary Again – Free MP3

Everyone’s talking about Giggs at the moment, mainly because of this video:

A crucial element of grime’s original (circa 2003 heyday) appeal was the fact that it actually put the fear of God in you. Like, it actually felt unhinged and threatening, something that in reality would probably be terrifying to be within close proximity of any of the things it talked about, that rush was all part and parcel its impact.

Dizzee and Crazy Titch quite literally clash amidst grime’s heyday (look out for Wiley sporting corn-rows near the end, a-mazing!)

So the arrival of this pure-bread thug, with a totally natural flow, a love for dirrty-south beats, and a unabashed glorifying of his unsavoury lifestyle is no doubt something to feel excited about. It’s not grime in any sense, not in affiliations or genealogy. This is UK rap, he’s wiping the slate clean.

To celebrate this, I’m just going to go ahead and hand over the free audio of this notorious ‘freestyle’, so you can download it, put it on your ipod, walk round the streets feeling really hard, then end up getting mugged because you can’t hear said mugger sneaking up on you, resulting one giant mess of irony.

Click here to download ‘Talking The Hardest’.