Irish Indie Supergroup Cruising Deliver Brooding Post-Punk On Self-Titled Debut EP – Premiere

Cruising unites some of Dublin and Belfast’s finest indie groups: Girls Names, September Girls, Sea Pinks and Logikparty. The quartet have been together since 2013, releasing the odd track and playing occasional, chaos-filled gigs between their endeavours with their main bands, but now they’re sharing something fuller in the form of a self-titled debut EP.

A leather jacket with the band’s name written in studs adorns the record’s sleeve, and its contents are full of spiky tunes to match. Opener ‘The Spectacle’ is howling post-punk in the vein of Savages, ‘Lifting’ blends dashes of psych into their shadowy sound, and ‘Woman’ softens singer Benni Johnston’s snarl with a poppier sheen. In short, ‘Cruising’ is equal parts brooding and buoyant, and one not to be missed.

The ‘Cruising’ EP is released on August 14 via Tough Love. Pre-order it here.