Madison Beer on ignoring haters, being papped on a daily basis and working with Justin Bieber

Madison Beer’s debut EP ‘As She Pleases’ came a long time after she was discovered by Justin Bieber over 6 years ago, and it’s the perfect intro to her music. As she toured the UK, we caught up to talk about being in the public eye, doing it her way and Justin Bieber, briefly, just for good measure.

Was it daunting putting out your first EP as a 19-year-old?

Yeah, for sure. Since I was 12 I got used to being in the public in a lot of ways, but this was just such a big deal for me since I had been working on it for so long, and it’s my first independent project. I knew how much it would change, so I wanted to make sure it was perfect before I put it out.


Is it an empowering thing for you to have that control over everything you do?

Definitely, you have to be a part of it. It’s your career, your face, your name, you have to be in control because if something gets messed up or something doesn’t look how you want it to, you’re the only one to blame. Let’s say it came out and people were like ‘this is bad or this is bad’,  I’m gonna be blamed regardless so I might as well be blamed for something that I actually did. If people love it they know that I did it myself, I decided and I set everything up myself. And if they hate it, then at least I put every inch of effort into it that I could’ve.

You have a song called ‘Say It To My Face’ – are people two-faced to you now, then?

I hope it never gets to that point that I’m gonna have people around me that are using me, I’m very good with noticing that. I’m also not a phoney person, if I say something behind your back then its going to be said to you. So that’s kinda how I am, it’s good but its also bad because you expect other people to be that way, but not everyone is like that.

You’ve been in the public eye since you were 12 years old. Do you ever wish you just had a normal life?


I wouldn’t like trade it for anything. But of course I’ve had moments where I’m seeing all my high school friends graduate and go to college and I kinda wish I was going with them, but then I’m like ‘no, I don’t at all because it’s just not where I want to be and it’s not what I want to be doing’. I’m happy for them going to college, I’ve had moments where I’m sad, but it’s never been regret or wishing that I was going the same way. I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. From a personal view, if I never uploaded my video, maybe everything would’ve been different.

Is it stressful living this kind of lifestyle?

Its not really stressful, it’s more just like I hate when people make up fake stories or twist my words or whatever. That’s the most frustrating thing to me about all of this. That’s the one thing that annoys me –when people completely mess my words. It’s just so annoying, but paparazzi and tabloids doesn’t bother me, that’s going to be there regardless.

Is there an expectation of you because of the attention you’ve had so far?

I want people to be not expecting anything when they come and see my show, then they walk away really impressed. It’s fine if you doubt me. Underestimate me because then I’ll just impress you, you know.

Justin Bieber was instrumental in your beginnings – do you still check in with him for advice?

Yes and no. He’s done his bit, now it’s me, but he’s still someone I care about and I care about his opinion a lot. I always want to make sure he thinks what I’m doing is cool. Obviously he has a good ear so I always kind of run things by him and get his opinion on stuff.

You are here in the UK as the March For Our Lives takes places across the US. If you weren’t here, would you have joined in?

I would have definitely been there I would have 100% gone there. One of my friends was actually in the school in Florida when it happened and she was texting me from the closet. She was texting me basically saying ‘I’m going to die’. I can’t imagine something like that happening or even hearing about that, it’s crazy. I am definitely am into all that stuff and want to be part of it.

Do you take a lot of pride in the response from people your age?

It’s been so amazing and everyone sees it because it’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t feel unsafe walking to school, it’s where you should feel safe, our parents should feel their children are going to be taken care of, looked after. It’s crazy and I think it’s great that it’s being protested on.

Madison Beer’s ‘As She Pleases’ EP is out now