Miya Folick on her new EP, meeting her band on Tinder and her vomit-inducing video

Miya Folick’s new EP, ‘Give It To Me’ is an electrifying and bold instalment into the LA-born’s catalogue. From the head-banging opener, ‘Trouble Adjusting’ to the gentle cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Woodstock’ – Folick’s crafted a collection of songs that are both soaring and gut-wrenchingly honest.

We spoke to Folick about meeting her band on Tinder, the EP and vomiting extras.

I heard you but your band together through Tinder…

That is true. I wasn’t really a part of the LA music scene at the time and I wasn’t on Tinder but a friend of mine was. She would show me the people she matched with and they were always artists and musicians – so I thought I should make a profile that says I’m looking for a band. Lucky my bass player saw it and he reached out to me on Instagram – because we didn’t match on Tinder. It’s a very 21st century band meeting.

Was releasing these songs as an EP always the plan?

I’ve been writing these songs for probably a year and a half, but it wasn’t really deliberately for an EP. I just wanted new material to play live – and we’ve been performing a lot of that material for a while and they just don’t stylistically work for the album I’m working on. They were songs I didn’t want to disappear. I like that it works out that way – it feels like a nice collection of memories for us now.

Give It To Me

Give It To Me, an album by Miya Folick on Spotify

Why did they not feel like they belong on the album?

You’ll understand immediately when you hear the album why. I didn’t want to make an album that was just a collection of songs – but is purposeful and intense. It didn’t make sense to try and fit in things just because I had them.

The song ‘Give It To Me’ is the bold centre-piece – what’s it about?

It’s one of those songs that just have some kind of magic. The song is not specific enough so that it relatable in a lot of different situations – I don’t really like to talk about what it specifically means because it doesn’t really matter. Plus it always changes for me. I don’t remember what I was talking about when I wrote it – I have no idea. Every time it means something new.

You filmed this video on a rollercoaster. Why?

Rollercoasters are fucking delightful. But the process was really fun and actually pretty easy. I ended up quite bruised by the end of the day. I had to perform it 2 and a half time the speed because it was shot in slow motion. It was so fast that I couldn’t really think – so came up with these really spontaneous reactions. One of the extras puked after riding it – but he was a champ, he soldiered through. I would have 100% left after that.

‘Give It To Me’ EP is out now