mxmtoon levels-up in video-game inspired clip for ‘Unspoken Words’

US artist mxmtoon has shared a brand-new video-game inspired music video for ‘Unspoken Words’.

The song first appeared on the US artist’s debut album, ‘The Masquerade’, released in October. Now, the Bay Area-native has shared the accompanying music video, which you can watch below.


“That song is the one on the album that means the most to me emotionally,” she tells NME. “It’s about my Grandma and our relationship. The whole song is about the difficulty of saying the words, ‘I love you’ to someone that you really do love and not always feeling like you always have the right time or place to say that to them. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

She adds: “Through this video we wanted to express what it’s like trying to get to a point when you can say that to someone. We’ve only done three videos in the past, so this one is a big one.”

The artist recently played a run of shows in the UK, supporting collaborator and friend Cavetown on a recent European tour. Around the release of her debut album in October, she also released a podcast series detailing the making of the project.

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