New Band Of The Week – Lusts Are The Midlands Duo Borrowing From Brian Eno And Mullholland Drive

As they premiere the video for new single ‘Waves’ (below), rising Leicester siblings Lusts tell Kevin EG Perry about the advantages to being directionless – and falling asleep at David Bowie exhibitions…

It was while trawling round Paris in search of the ghosts of Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway that Andy Stone and his younger brother James were inspired to start a band. “We met some cool people and ended up going to loads of parties,” says Andy. “We realised it’s not just about visiting these old haunts, it’s about finding the equivalent scene now.”


They did seek inspiration from decadent French poet Rimbaud though, even if they couldn’t actually understand him. “James bought me Rimbaud’s Illuminations for my birthday, but he bought the French edition by mistake,” explains Andy. “We wrote a song based on what we envisioned the book might be about. One of the good things about being brothers is that it doesn’t matter so much when one of us does something fucking weird, it can still spark something off.”

Returning to their parents’ house in Leicester, the brothers set up a projector in their bedroom so they could compose music while playing along to their favourite films. “We’d watch Lost In Translation, Mulholland Drive or Wild Things and see what ideas were conjured up,” says Andy. “Wild Things was pretty weird, but everything else worked quite well.”

Their choice of films will give you a clue to the music they make: hazy, dreamlike post-punk with a strong new-wave influence. “We take inspiration from a lot of new stuff as well,” points out Andy. “We love people like Alvvays, Soko and Ariel Pink and ambient stuff like Aphex Twin and Brian Eno. We try to combine those things with a driving rhythm, so we can go off in any direction. I like the idea of being free to do whatever the fuck we want.”

Having written a whole album in their bedroom, they then took it to the studio of Hookworms’ MJ to mix and re-record. “We love the way MJ got the record to sound,” says James. It was only after this had come together that the brothers found a name that summed up their direction. “We wanted it to be a feeling, and we liked ‘lust’ because it’s ambiguous,” says James. “You’re not sure if it’s good or bad, but it’s definitely potent.”


BASED Leicester
FOR FANS OF Echo And The Bunnymen, New Order
BUY IT ‘Waves’ single released August 28 via 1965 Records, while debut album ‘Illuminations’ is out on October 23
SEE THEM LIVE London Sebright Arms (September 3), Birmingham Sunflower (October 31), Bristol Louisiana (November 1), Manchester Sound Control Bar (2), Glasgow King Tut’s (3), Leeds Oporto (4), Leicester Cookie (6), Southampton Lennons (7), Cardiff Swn Festival (8), Oxford Bullingdon (9), Brighton Green Door Store (11)
BELIEVE IT OR NOT While in Paris for recent shows the band’s label took them to see the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris – but Andy missed it because he fell asleep in a fountain outside. “I was in a bad way,” he says