New Band Of The Week – Stream The Big Moon’s Debut Single ‘Sucker’ And Read Their First Ever Interview

Meet the wide-eyed Londoners channelling the spirit of indie’s finest. Interview by Lisa Wright

“It was definitely more important to have the right people in the band than the right musicians,” says Juliette Jackson (above, left) – lynchpin and leader of London’s most exciting new quartet, The Big Moon (formerly The Moon).

“You can just tell when you’re gonna be friends with people.” This sense of togetherness is the spark that ignites the band – completed by Soph Nathan (guitar, vocals), Celia Archer (bass, vocals) and Fern Ford (drums) – and is remarkable considering the girls have only known each other for a year. A four-headed beast of tight harmonies, guitar interplay and wired, exuberant energy on stage, the group come across as more of a breezy, Runaways-esque girl gang than a songwriter and her backing band, although The Big Moon did originate with just Jackson and some aspirational dreams.


Jackson says she had all but renounced music until she found herself re-enthused by the fieriest factions of indie’s new breed. “I went to see Palma Violets and I wanted to be in a band like them, in a gang,” she explains. “And then I saw Fat White Family and I just went home and started writing songs. It made me feel like I could do it and I wanted this for myself.”

Soph, Celia and Fern came into the mix via friends (all three were given the thumbs up based on immediate chemistry before barely playing a note) and the band moved into a tiny rehearsal room in London’s Stoke Newington that Celia describes as “lots of Doritos Chilli Heatwave in a tiny cube full of ants”. It was there that they began to work on Jackson’s bank of material.

‘Eureka Moment’ – an intensely stirring stop-start rattle that’s earned them comparisons to everyone from PJ Harvey to The Slits – is the first taste, while debut single ‘Sucker’ is out in June and streaming below.

“The first time we played together I cried because I’d wanted a band for so long, and I’d finally found the right people,” Juliette smiles. “These guys think I’m an emotional volcano, but I just don’t care about other things as much as this.” Start the countdown now – The Big Moon are readying to shoot for the stars.

BASED London
FOR FANS OF Palma Violets, Elastica
BUY IT ‘Sucker’ is released through Hard Up Records on June 15 – stream it below
SEE THEM LIVE The band are on tour with Yak from April 30 to May 13
BELIEVE IT OR NOT The Big Moon’s pre-gig ritual is typically endearing. Says Soph: “We hug before a gig and say, ‘Well done, good luck, I love you’ – even though we haven’t done anything yet”



‘Eureka Moment’: