New Music Of The Day: Declan McKenna – Paracetamol

This bright’n’breezy Hertfordshire teen’s first track ‘Brazil’ was one of the best songs of last year, recalling Jamie T right at the start of his career and being easily the finest song to ever be written about corruption in football.

Since then Declan’s been besieged by ‘the record industry’, signed a management deal with Foals’ team, won Glastonbury’s rising talent competition, played a slew of London gigs which showed great promise (if also being a little rough around the edges) and now, finally, released a new track.

‘Parcetemol’ isn’t likely to be making radio station a-lists anytime soon – at six minutes long it’s clearly not meant to – but it does further drive home how inventive he is. With ‘Brazil’, it was easy to pigeonhole him as a UK indie troubadour, a little bit oikish and with a nifty talent for mainstream melody. Here, he’s gone in a more electronic direction, with Tom Vek keys drilling away in the background and a vocal that’s bruised and vulnerable.–b4m_IGRQ