NME Ones To Watch 2016: Formation

Every day this week NME is introducing one of its ones to watch acts for 2016. Formation are the UK dance brothers providing an antidote to Disclosure’s pop pap


Why They’re Worthy:
Twin brothers Will and Matt Ritson have been threatening to kick up a fuss in music for ages. Last year they finally made headway – abandoning the guitars of old for a series of electro freakouts. Their live gigs are intense and reminiscent of the mesmerising parties DFA Records used to 
throw when they were starting out, while the creation of their music is on point too.


Here’s Will on how they wrote early single ‘Hangin’: “I was listening to a lot of Stooges and our manager lent me a book about David Bowie and how those guys would freestyle lyrics and spit out a load of stuff. We wrote that song in 15 minutes. It’s some sort of sub-conscious stream. It just made sense at the time.”

Key Track:
It’s a tie, and one that proves their yin yang qualities as a band. Cowbell-heavy ‘Control’ channels Happy Mondays and Friendly Fires at their most boyish and bolshie, while ‘All The Rest Is Noise’, which is also taken from their masterful Under The Tracks EP, is a fresh and invigorating slab of starry-eyed NYC disco pomp.

2016 Prospects:
Warner Records imprint Meno is set to release their as-yet-untitled debut album, which is being recorded this month and next with Leon Vynehall and Ben Baptie, while a busy summer at festivals awaits (they’re already confirmed for Secret Garden Party this July).