Radar Tip Of The Day 73: Tashaki Miyaki

‘Something is better than nothing’.

I’ll agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

…Even though I don’t really know – or care – how to quantify it properly.


It’s a cool sentiment, anyway, and LA’s tykes’ Tashaki Miyaki‘s song of the same name is befittingly brilliant. It’s a bit Best Coast, a bit Elastica, a lot distorto-sultry woosiness, and a fuckload of Moz circa 1992. It has that heavy, heavy, sullen feeling at the start, not too dissimilar to ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ (probably because of those weighty C and F chords, right?), and once the sullen vocals kick in I’m totally won over, every single time. Have been for the past six months or so, which is how long I’ve been humming the track surreptitiously. I usually go by the ‘six month rule’ on whether a song’s any cop or not (ie. If i can still listen to it after that time and not want to smash my own head in… it’s pretty damned decent). And this is deffo one of my favourites of the past year.

It’s been an age coming, but the band’s debut release details – a four-track self-titled EP – have just been announced, along with the above video. Out on October 31 via The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing (also home to recent releases by Gross Magic), they also play a one-off show at London’s 100 Club on September 28.

The tracklisting of the EP is:


1. ‘Somethin’ Better Than Nothin”
2. ‘Happiness’
3. ‘Keep Me In Mind’
4. ‘Get It Right’

Bonus tracks available on Bandcamp –
5. ‘Heartbeat’ (Buddy Holly Cover)
6. ‘Somethin’ Better Than Nothin” (Alt Version)
7. ‘Keep Me In Mind’ (Alt Version)
8. ‘Get It Right’ (Alt Version)

Big up Buddy!