Swim Deep’s Austin Williams: Three New Bands I’m Loving Right Now

Swim Deep frontman Ozzy tells us all about the new acts draining his iPod battery this summer

Austin Williams: “Inspirational producer Oliver Horton – aka Dreamtrak – makes titanic music. He produced our future smash LP ‘Mothers’ and I think his production is jumbo. He’s also an imaginative songwriter; I imagine he must exhale melodies. Recently, I’ve been in his Hobbit hole studio (where ‘King City’ was recorded on one of our first trips to London), and I’ve heard some of his new songs which are soon to drop. They’re mind-warping! A thousand times better than any of this dull, comedy dance music I keep hearing of late. It feels very real and spirited – I love the way he’s using very few tracks on a song to make such an immeasurable sound. He’s the best around.

Warmduscher are a real decent band from South London, I think. I met Clams [Baker, frontman] through my love of acid house legends Paranoid London. He’s one of the good guys and a star of the stage. Also in this eclectic crew is one of the great songwriters of modern times, Saul Adamczewski, who’s also in Fat Whites. I saw them at The Windmill in Brixton recently and Bruno from [post-punk mavericks] The Homosexuals got onstage as a hypnotising, Peter Pan-resembling hype man. Respect to Bruno, he’s an incredible artist. I just remembered – James from our band [Balmont, keyboards] and Joel [Amey, Wolf Alice drummer] used to be his band when they were about 17 – mad! Anyway, Quinn (Paranoid London) wigged out for the whole thing – I didn’t know who to stare at! Their drummer Jack is also a walking metronome. It was free and it was massive and it made me wanna get on a stage myself. They’re anything but boring and they make great music videos too.

“I’m heavily excited about the aptly named Drones Club. Their songs sound like Spiritualized if they made football chants for stoners (and I mean this as the finest compliment). They go from hypnotic hymns to pure life-affirming ecstasy. I went to see them live and it was the first time in a while I’ve felt elevated when watching a new band, without being on the stage. One of them is my housemate and they’ve been endlessly rehearsing next door to me, so I know it all by now, but crucially it hasn’t got boring yet… They are a band with a plan, and I’m into it.”