Tender Share Awe-Inspiring New Track ‘Oracle’ Ahead Of Massive Debut Live Show

Sometimes, new bands arrive with the ability to transport you from wherever you’re sat, to quite literally wherever you want. London synth-pop duo Tender are one of those groups.

Their new release ‘EP III’ – due tomorrow – has such qualities, ‘Violence’ for example incites a Drive-esque, nighttime vibe in LA, and the polished soundscapes of new track ‘Oracle’ could be best suited for downtown Tokyo nightclub. It’s stunning in both scope and execution.

Tonight, the duo play their first headline gig ever at a sold-out London Electrowerkz, and we had a quick chat with James Cullen about their origins, new music from the group and where they go from here.

How did you start making music together?

“Myself and Dan went to school together.  Dan was a little older than me and we both used to play guitar.  After watching Dan play in bands throughout school we eventually starting playing together and making music in many different bands and projects since.  It never took long for use to agree and find something we both liked and ideas always seemed to come quickly.”

‘Oracle’ pulls together several styles like hip-hop, indie and electronica – do you enjoy experimenting with and blending all these sounds?

“Coming from a guitar background we have always enjoyed making our instruments sound interesting and different, finding synthesisers and the vast genres and styles they are used in, it felt like a natural progression.  Listening to the way other musicians and songwriters work we have learnt to take influence from absolutely anywhere.  It’s all in the little details in a song, the way dynamics and simplicity can be so effective.”

What can people expect from your live shows?

“Being in bands throughout our younger years we felt we had to take our electronic sound and really blend it with more familiar live aspects.  We hated the idea of standing on stage the two of us pressing buttons and twisting knobs to a backing track.  We have a live drummer and bassist with us on stage.  The two of them work so well together and have really integral parts, people who come and see us will spend most of the time watching them I’m sure.”

2017 is shaping up for a big one – what have you got planned right now?

“We want to play a load of live shows an hopefully release an album that we will be finishing off come the end of this year.”