Under The Radar: Fickle Friends Are On The Pathway To Pop Perfection

Fickle Friends are about to enter their second life. Two years on from dropping their debut track ‘Swim’ onto the internet, the band are signed to a major label, hitting up festivals and heading out to LA on a regular basis to record an album. Phase two is off to a flyer.

Born out of a love of Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix, Natti Shiner, Chris Hall, Sam Morris, Harry Herrington and Jack Wilson started jamming together while at university in Brighton. Vocalist Natti is unashamedly open about the band’s rocky beginnings and their enduring work ethic: “It was quite bad, and then it kind of became what it is now with lots of work.”

Six months ago, however, the band were in dire straits. Their manager had quit; money was tight; and they were touring extensively in a banged-up Ford Galaxy. But after a rapid slew of upbeat singles and their breakout ‘Velvet’ EP, they bagged a recording contract with Polydor.


The band felt that there was no better way to start the new chapter than by re-releasing their deliciously catchy single ‘Swim’ – just “with a bit of help” this time. Natti describes their new single ‘Cry Baby’ as pop but with a “slightly mental indie feel” and with claustrophobic synths, scattered beats and a gigantic pop hook, she’s not wrong.

They’re now working on their debut album with Mike Crossey (The 1975, Wolf Alice) in California and want to spearhead the alternative-pop renaissance, saying: “I think we just love pop music and we kind of just want to give it that cool, credible edge.” Their reincarnation may not signal a brave new direction, but the one they’re following is the pathway to pop perfection.

Based: Brighton
Social: @FickleFriends
Buy It: ‘Cry Baby’ is available on streaming sites now
Fact: Natti penned the single ‘Cry Baby’ immediately after watching the Johnny Depp-starring 1990 film of the same name.
Live: August 26 Reading Festival, August 27 Leeds Festival, September 11 Bestival, November 3 Heaven, London
Best track: ‘Swim’ – A cheesy ’80s-inspired romp that’ll be the toast of this summer’s house parties.