‘Deadpool 2′: Who is Fan-Favourite Domino, Ryan Reynolds’ Co-Star In The Sequel?

An introduction to the badass female superhero joining Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in the eagerly-anticipated sequel.

Deadpool is arguably the big surprise film hit of 2016, but the sequel already seems to be in trouble. Director Tim Miller dropped out last month over rumoured creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, and now composer Junxie XL has announced he won’t be returning for the sequel too. Still, we can all take solace in the news that fan-favourite Domino is joining Deadpool for the sequel – here’s why it’s so exciting.

Who exactly is Domino and what can she actually do?
Domino aka Neena Thurman is a mutant who made her Marvel comics debut in March 1992. Broadly-speaking, she possesses the ability to bend luck to her will, meaning she always had an edge when squaring up to an adversary. She started out as a mercenary but is now a member of the X-Men and uses her awesome athletic abilities and formidable skills as a markswoman for good. She’s also known for having a sharp and witty sense of humour, which will obviously come in useful in a Deadpool movie.

Who’s going to be playing her?
Domino has yet to be cast officially, but recent rumours suggest at least 10 actresses have tested for the role. These include Sienna Miller, Lizzy Caplan, Orange Is The New Black‘s Ruby Rose, Kingsman‘s Sofia Boutella and Black Mirror‘s Mackenzie Davis. Also believed in the running, apparently, are Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World‘s Marry Elizabeth Winstead, new Baywatch actress Kelly Rohrbach, Spectre‘s Stephanie Sigman and rising star Sylvia Hoeks.


Why is her role in the sequel A Good Thing?
The original Deadpool movie had a pair of badass female characters – Gina Carano’s Angel Dust and Brianna Hildebrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa was no two-dimensional love interest type either; in one especially subversive scene, we see her penetrating Reynolds’ title character with a strap-on. But Deadpool’s occasional sexist one-liners still raised eyebrows, and rightly so, which leaves Domino well-positioned to make amends. After all, who better to call out Deadpool’s dodgy jokes than a strong female character who can give as good as she gets?


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