Oscar-winner ‘Get Out’ almost had a completely different ending 

Writer/director Jordan Peele just picked up Best Original Screenplay for the film at the 2018 Academy Awards

Last night Jordan Peele made history at the 90th Academy Awards, when he became the first black writer to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay – with the brilliant Get Out.

But Peele’s stunning film could have ended totally differently, as an alternate ending unveiled on its DVD release shows.


In the final scene of Peele’s brilliant debut, we see Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) escaping from his girlfriend’s family as they attempt to make him the latest victim in their horrifying experiments. In his escape, he ends up killing most of the family, and starts to strangle his evil girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams), but stops as his pal Rod arrives in a police car.

However, in the alternate ending – which was included on the DVD release of Peele’s masterpiece – it’s not his pal Rod who turns up in the police car: instead, it’s two white policemen. Chris is arrested immediately, and the poignant ending shows Rod visiting Chris in prison, where Chris reveals he can’t remember the key details that’d prove he was acting in self-defence, and seems resigned to his fate, happy at least in the knowledge that he “stopped it”.

Speaking about the alternate ending in the Director’s Commentary, Jordan said: “This movie was meant to call out the fact that racism is still simmering underneath the surface, so this ending to the movie, felt like it was the gut punch that the world needed, as something about it rings very true.”

He added: “The cops get him, and you’re meant to think: ‘Oh snap, wait a second, is that a good thing is that a bad thing?’ And then you cut to 6 months later and Chris is in prison, now, the idea here is he’s been through such mental shock and torment, and the house and everything… all the evidence has burnt down. And of course this is a system that values the rich white people, and takes their side. So, my feeling, is what would happen in this movie is Chris would end up in jail just because of how it looks.”

You can watch the alternate ending below:


However, Peele explained why he changed the scene to the ending that appeared in the final cut of Get Out, saying: “By the time I was shooting it, it was quite clear the world had shifted, racism was being dealt with, people were woke, and people needed a release and hero, which is why I changed the ending and had Rod turn up at the end.”

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