Rick and Morty creators share hilarious unused jokes

Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon show us see how they create their jokes

When your favourite TV show arrives, you normally just click play without a second thought for the huge amount of time it takes to create. But behind the neatly crafted episode is hours of meticulous scripting, countless takes of tricky lines and a trashcan of unused jokes.

If you fancy seeing what really happens behind the closed production doors, the team at Rick and Morty has shared a look at some of the jokes that didn’t quite make the cut of a finished episode.

Show creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have released a behind the scenes look at their writing process for the second episode of season 2, ‘Mortynight Run’. Explaining how in season two they started creating alternative jokes for certain sections of the script – with the writers then picking their favourite – we then get to see Roiland recording some of the lines that didn’t quite make it in.


This is what the sequence eventually ended up like:

And fans have relished the chance to look behind the scenes of the beloved show:

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