Wolf Alice take no prisoners on rage-filled new single ‘Yuk Foo’

A yuking brilliant return

After six months maternity leave, Annie Mac has made her return to the Radio 1 airwaves by playing the most cuss-filled, non-radio-friendly song imaginable. And it comes from an unlikely source. Wolf Alice showed a sinister side on 2015 debut ‘My Love is Cool’, but it was balanced by early-twenties earnestness and grand-scoped anthems. ‘Yuk Foo’, the first track from second LP ‘Visions of a Life’, comes out kicking and screaming like nothing before. It’s an enraged, viciously snarling return, so fury-filled it’s capable of leaving you physically shaken.

Frontwoman Ellie Rowsell packs together ‘Yuk Foo’’s ammunition. Over an agitated wall of guitars, she gives no pause for breath, shouting: “You bore me, you bore me to death, you deplore me, and I don’t give a shit.” Whoever the subject of this song happens to be, they don’t stand a chance. “I wanna fuck all the people I meet. Fuck all my friends and all the people in the street,” she continues, each line cutting deeper than the last.

Best of all is Rowsell’s delivery. Across just two minutes, she howls, grunts and cackles between words. The last thing you hear is a piercing wail, like she’s screaming directly into a loudspeaker placed next to your ear. ‘Yuk Foo’ packs rage and angst like sardines in a box, crushed together into a bullet-shaped attack. It’s the sound of Wolf Alice making a serious step up.