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Players aren’t happy about the ‘Overwatch 2’ monetisation

One Legendary Skin costs 2,000 Overwatch Coins, which is around $20 (£18)

‘Overwatch 2’ to hold an LGBTQ+ tournament this month

The Challengers Cup is open but not limited to "transgender, non-binary, genderfluid" individuals and women

Players aren’t happy with ‘Overwatch 2’’s new mobile verification system

The system doesn’t work with pay-as-you-go numbers and is facing a variety of other issues

‘Warzone’ brings back “greatest hits” in final major update

This is the last big patch for 'Warzone', as 'Warzone 2.0' is set to launch later this year

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ beta preview: generation thrill

Smart changes point to a vintage year for the shooter

‘Modern Warfare 2’ cheats will face “action” from Infinity Ward

There's been a significant number of reports concerning cheating in 'Modern Warfare 2'

Microsoft “very, very confident” Activision Blizzard merger will go ahead

“If this is about competition, let us have competition"

‘Modern Warfare 2’ system requirements confirmed for PC beta

The PC beta for 'Modern Warfare 2' has fairly forgiving system requirements

‘Diablo 4’ will “soon” invite players to test its end-game content

Testers will be allowed to play a version of the game where the campaign has already been completed