Final Fantasy 14

KFC’s Colonel Sanders has been made an official ‘Final Fantasy’ character

This isn't the first time the Colonel has appeared in a game

‘Final Fantasy 14’ Dawntrail expansion and Xbox version announced

The game will sport 4K support on the Xbox Series X

Release date announced for ‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.4 The Dark Throne

The long-awaited patch has an official release date and trailer

‘Vampire Survivors’ wins Best Game at BAFTA Games Awards

Here's every game that took home a BAFTA last night (March 30)

Puma is launching a ‘Final Fantasy 14’ clothing line

Anyone for a 'Final Fantasy 14' bucket hat?

‘Final Fantasy 16’ could make an appearance in ‘FF14’

Naoki Yoshida joked that he would need to "discuss it with the producer" of 'Final Fantasy 14'

‘Final Fantasy 14’ suspends housing demolition due to Turkey-Syria earthquake

"It is our sincere hope that recovery is swift, and those of you who were affected will be able to rejoin us in Eorzea soon"

Popular ‘Final Fantasy 14’ mod Gshade deliberately includes malware

Developer Marot reportedly said it was included to teach other modders a “lesson”

Square Enix strips ‘Final Fantasy 14’ achievements from raid-beating team who used cheats

The team was the first in the world to defeat The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)