ENHYPEN unveil intense trailer for new mini-album ‘Manifesto : Day 1’

The clip includes a snippet of new song ‘Walk The Line’

ENHYPEN will be returning in July with a brand-new mini-album titled ‘Manifesto : Day 1’.

Today (June 14), the septet shared an intense animated trailer introducing their upcoming release. The intriguing new visual includes narration by different members of the boyband in Korean, English and Japanese, where they ponder the the idea of crossing lines and borders, while a human-like figure is seen bound and trapped.

As it breaks free, the figure bursts into colour, and a snippet of an upcoming track, ‘Walk The Line’ begins to play. “Draw the line / Today is the first day / Begin my new day / Don’t walk the line,” they declare on the bold new song. ENHYPEN’s third mini-album ‘Manifesto : Day 1’ arrives on July 4 at 6pm KST.


‘Manifesto : Day 1’ will mark ENHYPEN’s second domestic release of 2022, following January’s ’Dimension : Answer’, a re-release of their October 2021 debut studio album ‘Dimension : Dilemma’. The repackaged record had spawned the lead single ‘Blessed-Cursed’, along with the group’s viral TikTok hit ‘Polaroid Love’.

In a glowing four-star review of ‘Dimension : Answer’, NME wrote that the septet’s stories are “easily transferable to your own life, common ground found in the humanity and generational anxieties embedded in their lyrics.”

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN vocalist Heeseung recently made a guest appearance on the Lee Mu-jin Service show, where he performed a abridged piano rendition of his group’s song ‘Tamed-Dashed’.

Apart from ‘Tamed-Dashed’, during Heeseung’s appearance on the series, the singer also covered Crush’s 2014 single ‘Sofa’ and George’s 2019 release ‘Camping Everywhere’. To cap off the show, Heeseung and Lee shared the stage to perform a duet of IU’s 2017 song, ‘Secret Garden’.