Listen to Kyi and Soraya’s new downtempo single ‘Blue Light’

They said the song was designed for late-night drives

Up-and-coming Malaysian producer Kyi has collaborated with fresh artist Soraya on a brand-new single ‘Blue Light’.

Released by independent rap and R&B label This Way Up Records, the downtempo track was uploaded on all major streaming platforms today (August 21). Check it out here:


Explaining the theme of the track, Kyi, whose real name is Kierian Lee, said ‘Blue Light’ is a depiction of an introspective conversation between two people who want different things for themselves.

“I was in the same musical space as Soraya and we had something to channel, so we put on the ambient lighting, had something to drink, and wrote most of the track in one night,” he told NME.

Soraya added that ‘Blue Light’ was designed to listen repeatedly during quaint moments like late-night drives or whenever somber “vibrations” came “knocking at your door”.

On the collaboration, Soraya said Kyi had come up with the chords while she wrote the verses in the span of half an hour.

She further described the song as “an ode to every time you’ve ever gotten (or sent) a ‘wyd’ text at two in the morning… every time you’ve found yourself alone and in the dark, fighting sleep at the expense of your own sanity and self trying to make sense of another person’s misdirection”.


She also added that the song is “about looking for shit in the wrong places and expecting things to be different, and knowing you’re being dumb, and all the proof that you are the cause of your own undoing… because sometimes you end up in someone’s orbit despite your own better judgment.”

For the track’s production, Kyi was assisted by Adam Hasni and Richmond Pamintuan, while mixing and mastering were done by Jeson Huang and Chris Gehringer, respectively.