Project E.A.R. share music video for ‘Dark Times’, the last song recorded by Jamir Garcia

A collaboration with ‘Nevermind’ producer Butch Vig

Southeast Asian supergroup Project E.A.R. have released a music video for ‘Dark Times’, the last song recorded by late member and Slapshock frontman Jamir Garcia.

The clip, released today (January 22), centers on a band (all wearing face masks and appropriately distanced) playing the hopeful rap-rock anthem. Televisions around them broadcast footage of producer and collaborator Butch Vig, member Moots rapping his lines, and old videos of Garcia, who died in November 2020.

The video ends with a tribute to Garcia that reads, “In loving memory of our brother. Your music and legacy will live on forever. We know you’re smiling down on us from that stage up above.” Watch it here:


Garcia penned ‘Dark Times’ in August-September 2020, intending the song to be an uplifting anthem for people around the world struggling under the COVID-19 lockdown. “We wanted to put a song of positivity,” Moots told NME. “Like, during these dark times, let us be your guiding light, and get you out of the dark.

“For us, no, that was not him crying out for help, that was not him saying anything. It was really him putting [out] a strong message for the people.”

‘Dark Times’ will appear on a five-track EP out next month that will also include a tribute song to Garcia. Titled ‘Fade To Black’, it will feature some of Project E.A.R.’s early members and collaborators, as well as Garcia’s bandmates in Slapshock and other musicians in the Philippines’ metal scene who were close to him.

Project E.A.R. was co-founded by Garcia, Moots (of Malaysian group Pop Shuvit) and Dandee (of Thai collective Bangkok Invaders). Though Garcia is gone, the supergroup will not disband, Moots and Dandee told NME.

“It’s definitely not the end as we’re gonna let it live on,” Dandee said. “In the future, I’m not sure how it’s gonna look like, but the plan for now is releasing all the songs that we have in the best way or with the best visuals, with the best we can.”