Side A share version of ‘Di Pa Huli’ re-recorded by original lineup

The Filipino musicians are reuniting for the first time in decades to record ‘Side A Redux: First Album’

Filipino rock band Side A’s original members have reunited to release a re-recording of the song ‘Di Pa Huli’, 30 years on from its release.

The single is available now exclusively on the band’s Patreon page, and will be part of the band’s upcoming re-recording of its debut self-titled album, titled ‘Side A Redux: First Album’.

Side A are collaborating virtually to record the redux album, funding the process via Patreon, where donors and supporters receive exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage and full tracks from the project.


The idea of a reunion was first entertained by original drummer Mar Dizon, who chanced upon an old photo of the band on vocalist’s Rodel Gonzalez’s social media. “[One] thing led to another. It was not hard to get everybody together again,” Dizon explained to ABS-CBN.

Shortly after gathering everyone for a reunion, the band quickly decided upon re-recording their 1989 album, as well as a number of other singles from the Side A repertoire.

The band noted that the entire process of re-recording the album will take longer than a typical recording session, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and multiple members living in the United States and operating on different time zones.

To date, the original members of Side A have re-recorded three classics, ‘Di Pa Huli’ ‘Eva Marie’ and ‘Windows Of Our Soul’. It is currently unclear when the band will release the latter two tracks. The reunited band have plans to record a number of original tracks, although nothing has been set in stone.

“If we’re lucky, we’ll even do a couple of originals,” Gonzalez said to ABS-CBN. “That’s the plan. Yes, I do write as well, but not as good as the other guys like Joey and Pido. The group is still in the process of recording the other songs. We also have plans to include new, original songs in the line-up.”

Side A formed in 1985, and quickly rose to prominence in the local circuit, performing at bars and clubs leading up to the release of ‘Side A’ in 1989. After releasing the album, Gonzalez left the band to join Second Wind.


Guitarist Pido Lalimarmo and drummer Dizon left in 1990 to form Artstart. Side A has an entirely new roster of members now, apart from keyboardist and vocalist Naldy Gonzalez, who has remained the only core member in the lineup since 1985.

‘Side A’ catapulted the band to mainstream fame when it released, earning the band two Awit Awards nominations, and a legion of fans. The band still boasts a strong following today, with over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Stream the original 1989 album, ‘Side A’ below.

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