‘Squid Game’ helps Netflix South Korea hit record number of monthly active users

Close to a 10 per cent increase from prior the show’s launch

Netflix’s hit Squid Game has helped the streaming giant to hit new heights in South Korea.

According to a new report by The Korea Times, Netflix’s monthly active users rose close to 10 per cent from 8.63million in August 2021 to 9.48million in September 2021, which was the month Squid Game was launched.

The number of monthly active users in September 2021 was the highest-ever for the streaming service in the East Asian country since its South Korean launch in 2016. Moreover, The Korea Times also noted that the monthly active users is expected to exceed 10million in October 2021.


Back in October, Netflix had also been sued by South Korean internet provider SK Broadband over the costs over increased network usage and maintenance work after a surge in traffic from the streaming giant’s content.

SK Broadband also alleged that the traffic from Netflix on the network jumped 24-fold to 1.2trillion bits of data between May 2018 and September 2021, in part due to the popularity of shows such as Squid Game.

A Netflix Asia executive has said that a video game based on Squid Game is being considered. Kim Minyoung said that the streaming giant is considering the future of the show and the IP, as well as “consumer products” which covers things like merchandise for the series.