A ‘Pokémon’-style RPG creator is currently in development

'Monster Tamer Maker' will also launch with a playable title called 'Dokimon'

A new Kickstarter has opened to fund the development of a Pokémon-style retro role-playing game maker, called Monster Tamer Maker.

Developer Yanako RPGs is also creating an original game within the engine called Dokimon, on top of designing all the RPG maker tools as well (via PCGamesN).

According to lead developer Yana, the Kickstarter was created “to assist in funding the artwork so that we can make as much high quality art as possible,” with the funds being used to develop both the game and the game maker itself.


At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has reached just over 50 per cent of its £8,000 ($10,000 USD) funding goal, with 27 days to go.

Dokimon will be used “as a reference point for builders” and will be “completely open-source.”

Both Dokimon and Monster Tamer Maker will feature fully fleshed out monster tamer style battling, including approximately 70 monsters, 12 elemental types, a speed priority system, statuses and abilities.

Monster Tamer Maker will allow players to customise the game battle system to their preferences, making them as simple or as complex as they please. The game will also be designed to be “quick and easy to use,” with several tutorials to ease users into creating their own games.

The Pokémon-inspired title allows players to choose from any colour palette of their liking too, with a goal of over 20 playable characters and 10 swappable colour palettes to choose from. Colour palettes will also have a night alternative to allow for night cycles in the game.



Monster Tamer Maker will continue to have multiple free updates after it launches, but there’s currently no set release date for when both the RPG maker and Dokimon game itself will come out.

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