End of Fashion return from hiatus with ‘BreakThru’

Their first new music in eight years

End of Fashion have returned from an eight-year hiatus with new single ‘BreakThru’. Listen to it below.

Vanessa Thornton of Jebediah has also rejoined the band, who are now a quartet again with frontman Justin Burford, Julian Dudman and Nathan Sproule.

In a press release, Burford said the new song is a look at “universal personal issues”.


“My songs tend to or try to talk about universal human conditions, love/loneliness etc but [End of Fashion] have a tendency to put these conditions through a weird lens in our music,” he said.

“I have a complex with time and cosmology. I like to put my relatable and human subjects through a lens of meta-fascinations like time and existentialism.”


End of Fashion, best known for their 2005 single ‘O Yeah’, went on hiatus after the release of their third album ‘Holiday Trip of a Lifetime’ during 2012. Burford attracted controversy in a since-deleted Facebook post in 2014 when he claimed triple j “ended the career path” of the band.

“I know a lot of ppl will say, at least you had what a lot of other bands never had and I agree. But upon that support we gave our whole lives over to making this band work only to have it taken away unceremoniously when they deemed it so. No J play? No career. And for people that ask me often… THAT is why End Of Fashion are no more,” he wrote.


In 2018, the band reunited for their first show since then. They also reissued their eponymous debut in November last year.

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