Jack River shares new single ‘Nothing Has Changed’ and announces brief hiatus

Holly Rankin's second single for the year comes alongside the news she'll be taking a step back from touring and social media over the summer

Jack River has shared her second single for the year, ‘Nothing Has Changed’, and announced she’ll be taking a hiatus over the summer as she prepares to give birth.

In a video posted to social media, the singer-songwriter – real name Holly Rankin – explained that the new song is “about returning to music”, and was written after playing her first show back after the pandemic at last year’s BASSINTHEGRASS festival.

“I was scared that everything might have changed, but when I returned, everything was in its place. We were all there, screaming and yelling and singing together, just like we used to, and just like we will for years and years to come,” Rankin explained. Listen below:


In the aforementioned video, Rankin also announced that she would be taking some time away from touring and social media for the summer, in anticipation of giving birth to her child. “This part year has been a whirlwind of change,” Rankin said.

“Coming back from two years off the road and playing shows around the country twice or three times over has been wonderful and humbling. I’ve loved travelling far and wide to find you, and share unforgettable micro-moments of relation and joy, after such real isolation.”

“This year hasn’t been without challenges for the band and I, and pretty much every artist I know. We’ve had countless festivals and shows cancelled due to weather and the hangover of COVID. But still, we hang on and we push forward. Escaping or taking time away is a fine art form that I’m ever envious of, and ever trying to create in my music. But in real life, I haven’t given myself rest and real escape in a really long time.”

Rankin went on to explain that after falling pregnant, her body had “physically taught me that rest is non-negotiable to grow life”. The experience had also given her a “closeness and honesty” in her relationship she had not experienced before, “especially with mothers and birth workers, who suddenly hand you the keys to this whole other level of reality that previously you couldn’t have foreseen”.

“The journey of pregnancy and the anticipation of motherhood has given me a mandate to slow down for the summer, and sink deep into real life, whatever that is about to be,” Rankin said. “So, I’m taking a couple months off socials and this world to sink deep into the summer and make another world of my own. A world just for me and my family and my dog, one that can’t be streamed or liked or shared.”


Rankin shared her first single for 2022, ‘Real Life’, back in July. Last year, she released the standalone single ‘We Are The Youth’, a protest anthem for young activists fighting for change that she was inspired to write after performing at a School Strike 4 Climate rally in Sydney in 2019.