OneFour’s YP returns with debut solo single, ‘Out Of Sight’

After spending two years incarcerated, the rapper returns with a vulnerable meditation on his time behind bars and moving forward

OneFour rapper YP has returned after spending two years in prison, sharing his debut solo single ‘Out Of Sight’.

Drawing directly from his time in prison following a violent altercation in 2018, ‘Out Of Sight’ is a departure from the confrontational drill that marked early OneFour cuts like ‘The Message’ and ‘Spot the Difference’, showing a more vulnerable side to the Mount Druitt group’s youngest rapper: “I don’t understand why grown men don’t cry, that’s a damn lie.

‘Out Of Sight’ finds YP looking back on his time behind bars. “23 hours in a cell, one hour yard time / That shit gave me plenty time to reflect,” he raps. Its beat, driven by piano melodies and synth strings, was produced by Sid Mallick, 99hurts, Shanks and Elaye.


Elsewhere, YP directly addresses the isolation of the prison system – represented in the “out of sight, out of mind” mantra of the track’s title. “Phone calls home had me tripping on the phone / ’cause they say they got you but then leave you on your own,” he reflects.

There’s also a sense of triumph, however, as the rapper looks back on his first moments after leaving prison: “There ain’t no better feeling than coming home / Walking through them gates, everybody got their phones.

The music video for ‘Out Of Sight’, directed by YP himself alongside Matt Wilson, follows the rapper in his first few days of freedom. Watch it below:

‘Out Of Sight’ is the first of solo releases the members of OneFour are planning for 2022, according to a press release.

“My message is be real to yourself,” YP said of the single in a statement to NME. “I’m sharing a part of my life with them, it’s more than just a single to me. I know everyone can’t relate, but I want them to understand my growth not just as an artist but as a person who didn’t have it easy growing up. Learning life lessons and principles that weren’t taught in school but in the streets and jail, like loyalty.”


In the time since YP was jailed for his role in an assault at a Sydney pub (along with fellow OneFour members Lekks and Celly14), remaining members J Emz and Spenny have continued to helm the group, releasing debut studio EP ‘Against All Odds’ in 2020.

Incarceration was a theme present throughout the EP, particularly on lead single ‘Home and Away’. In 2020, the group also released the non-album single ‘Welcome To Prison’ and a music video that began with voice messages recorded by YP and Lekks from prison.

As with all OneFour releases, ‘Out Of Sight’ is an independent release. In a 2020 NME Australia cover story, J Emz spoke on OneFour’s decision to remain independent despite being courted by labels.

“I’ve been loving being independent for our career,” he said. “I can see the benefits from being on a label, but being independent has brought our whole team closer and it shows we should trust and who we shouldn’t.

“It’s helped us realise that this shit can’t be done on our own. There’s a lot of people around us we’ve had to learn from to get to this stage.”